My Umbrella

5 more days until our vacation!

I have vowed to work on a different template and to actually post more almost everyday.  Its time for me to have a set agenda for things going on in my life and perhaps after we get back home I can start.


my favorite bands in the world are finally ON TOUR! I get to see Interpol this Saturday along with The Killers ( TWICE) next year and finally WALK THE MOON. God knows I need a new concert memory with WTM. My ex totally ruined the first time of me going and this second experience is going to be a lot better.

Cannot wait

-Otter Jess


Yes Absolutely

its been awhile.


Its not that I no longer want to write or got tired of it, I just have been so busy this past month with work and planning vacation in some weeks that I don’t have anything MAJOR to blog about. My addiction to REDDIT has been real and deep! Mo says Im addicted to it so bad as her mom is to Twitter. ITS THAT BAD FOLKS!

Babe had her interview this morning for a promotion at her job and even if she doesnt get it ( hoping she does though) I just want her to know how proud Iam of her. Out of 44 candidates only 2 will make it. Good luck my Panda bear!

In other news Anna comes next year in FEB! I cannot wait. I love that girl so much and finally she will meet Mo and tell me what an upgrade Ive made in all levels. Jokes aside, my relationship overall surpasses any past Ive had with anyone. However since this is my second attempt of being with a girl ( after promising myself never to date a girl again thanks to the monster)  I have found love am keeping it and will forever be thankful for it. I finally am happy. We all deserve to be happy..

Im a bit sick with the cold awaiting for Mo to get off work as I search for restaurants to celebrate our one year anniversary next week!

Happy Otter,


4 more weeks until Seattle and Portland!!!!!!!

While Im ecstatic about my trip. I would like to say that I do these roundtrips every year. Ive been travelling to the NW since 2007!   All these folks or people that travel to the NW all of a sudden are just a bunch of bandwagoners. You can tell from the genuine people that want to travel to the people who do it because its ” cool” and a trend.
Get outta here!

When I sing in the car.


Im singing to you.

I smile while I do it.

In 5 weeks we will head towards the NW again!

  • Silver Falls
  • little crater lake
  • falls creek falls
  • Mt Rainer
  • panther creek falls
  • the witches castle
  • 13th Door Haunted Attraction ( The 6th in Portland)
  • QUarterworld ( wednesday night)
  • hale pele



Bars in Seattle:

Unicorn Bar ( Draqueen Bingo Tuesday  Nights)

Gas works park ( stroll by eveningish maybe some snack Otter/Panda picnic)

Smith Tower (monday night tickets online 15.00)

Underground Tour ( everyday 10-6pm)

Bop Street Records

Seattle Police Museum





Ring Ring Ring

You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think

It’s been one week since you looked at me
Cocked your head to the side
and said I’m angry
Five days since you laughed at me saying
Get that together come back and see me
Three days since the living room,
I realized it’s all my fault, but couldn’t tell you
Yesterday you’d forgiven me
But it’ll still be two days till I say I’m sorry

Hello there!

Its been a week and my lord has it been a long, stringing, deep, sentimental, awakening, overdue kind of week.

Most importantly Mo and I are halfway through getting things prepared for our Seattle/Portland trip in 5 weeks. Today I will dedicate my time seeking more Airbnb locations.

Reddit has completely taken over my social media life. Since I took FB out ( momentarily) and dont really upload on my personal IG ( only the HDTLA one); I pretty much use any leisure time reading creepy threads on Reddit or commenting personal advice on #LifeAfterNarcissism.  I dont frequently reply on posts by others as much as I read other peoples stories. As Im reading other redditers scenarios, I kind of have that ” yup been there done that” type of response in my head.  I almost feel compelled to help with any kind of advise I can give, BUT I dont 95% of the time.  Today I finally replied to one!

annnnnnnnnnd last but not least I finally have my friday nights occupied. I joined the dreamcenter this past weekend to aid those living in Skid Row. We walked around in a huge group giving out food, supplies, socks etc.  It was moving and I definitely am all in to join as much as I can every week.

Im so proud of myself because 1.5 years ago I always talked about doing little things around DTLA. Whether it was volunteering or helping those in need; Im NOW doing it and I feel GOOD.

Today is Eclipse day! Apparently at 10:21 am it will turn a bit dark and last time this happened was 38 years ago.  Im currently at work early so I’m not sure how or what will happen. We shall see!



Read My Mind

Las Vegas you were good to us!

About a week ago, babe and I headed to Vegas to see my FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME up close and personal : The Killers!

I was able to snatch Priority tickets front row for free at Ceasars Palace and off we went together to see my boys.

Such a fun event especially since their hometown is in Vegas and what more can I say about that itself?

Pictures soon!

Im now planning our Seattle/Portland trip for our one year anniversary in September and thinking how tired I shall be within two weeks starting today working nonstop. My boss went off to vacation and Im left covering all his shifts. Yikes!